Infusion of lime

Infusion of lime

The lime tree

The lime tree is a plant that belongs to the Tiliaceae family that originates in the northern hemisphere. The lime tree is a large, long-lived tree with a very extensive root development. The trunk is robust and has a crown full of branches and with a rounded shape. The leaves are petiolate and with a slightly serrated edge. The flowers have a yellowish color and are gathered in groups of 3 in long inflorescences. The fruits have a leathery external structure in the shape of a globe or oval. For the exploitation in medicine the flowers are used, both for infusions and for herbal teas, but also the younger branches and the aqueous extracts of the external part of the bark. The leaves and flowers contain flavonoids, coumarins, essential oils, mucilage, tannins and sugars that can be used in herbal medicine.

Properties of the lime tree

Linden is widely used thanks to its relaxing properties on the circulatory system, since it is able to lower pressure, but it is also useful for counteracting insomnia, tachycardia, nervousness and headache, caused by stress. The mucilages present in the lime tree are able to help in respiratory tract disorders, thanks to a mucolytic and anti-inflammatory action, in the presence of both cough and phlegm. The derivatives from fresh buds can be used to exploit the sedative and anxiolytic properties by operating on the autonomic nervous system. On the intestinal system, the lime is able to act as an antispasmodic especially in the presence of irritation. Linden is well tolerated both in pregnancy and lactation and can also be given to children.

Infusion of lime

For the preparation of a infusion of linden you have to get some flowers that should be steeped in water. You should take at least 10 flowers that could be used both fresh and dried. For the preparation, the water should be brought to a boil, infusing the linden flowers for 5 minutes. Once the infusion is finished, the herbal tea should be filtered in order to eliminate the lime tree residues. To make the infusion sweeter you could add a spoonful of honey. To make the most of the properties of the lime infusion, you should drink a cup of herbal tea 2 times a day. There is also the possibility of drinking the infusion in summer, although in this case, it would be more appropriate to drink it fresh and with the addition of lemon.

Infusion of linden for insomnia

It is also possible to prepare an additional infusion that can take advantage of the properties of different herbs and that represents a solution to solve the problems concerning insomnia. By mixing lemon balm, lime, lavender and chamomile it is possible to make an infusion that exploits the properties of all herbs. For the preparation you need to take 250 ml of water which should be brought to a boil. The lime, lavender, lemon balm and chamomile leaves should then be steeped in boiling water for 10 minutes. The infusion should then be filtered to eliminate the residues of the leaves. Adding a teaspoon of honey makes the tea sweeter. The infusion should be drunk hot before going to bed to make the most of the properties of the herbs.

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