Goji berries

Goji berries

An energizing multi-vitamin

Goji berries can be considered an exceptional multi-vitamin as they contain: vitamin A (excellent treatment for visual disturbances, protects and keeps the skin healthy) and C (prevents oxidation of tissues, essential in the formation of connective tissues), the whole group of vitamin B (regulation of metabolism and favors the functioning of the skin and hair), mineral salts in quantity (calcium, potassium, iron, zinc) and 18 essential and non-essential amino acids (the essential ones are 10 in children and 8 in adults) so as to make up for any lack. But above all they contain 4 unique polysaccharides with antidegenerative properties; it is these polysaccharides that give Goji berries the ability to support and strengthen the immune system. The beneficial effects they have on humans are still being studied.

Slimming effect

Goji berries are a very nutritious element characterized by a low glycemic value, in fact they have a satiating effect and if taken between meals, they reduce the sense of hunger. they contain a high number of anthocyanins, particular pigments that possess antioxidant properties; counteract the accumulated fat, especially in the abdominal area. They contain mineral salts (chromium and zinc) which by activating the metabolism promotes weight loss. In the glycemic index (table containing the speed at which blood sugar rises after a meal) they have a value of 28 (up to forty is considered very low), so it tends not to stimulate insulin which is the main cause of pathological imbalances concerning power supply.

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Beneficial effects

Goji berries, also called "The fruit of eternity" because the people who originally consumed them had a very long life expectancy, stimulate the immune system and preserve brain health, it is thought to use them in prevention against the 'Alzheimer's. It is scientifically proven that they reduce the risk of getting cancer and diseases related to the heart system and athletes often use them extensively as well as to improve physical performance also to improve sleep quality and general mood. After some experiments it was discovered that Goji berries increase spontaneous electrical activity with a decrease in the risk of ischemias, and the neuro-toxicity of beta amyloid peptide seems to affect the brain less. Other experiments have brought to light an increase in the activity of cytotoxic T lymphocytes and TNF cytokines, and therefore an inhibition of tumor proliferation and growth.

Goji berries: Doses

About 15 grams, the equivalent of 80-100 berries, is the number of recommended intakes in a day; you can also take more, but this is the correct dose to provide the right daily requirement of antioxidants and other substances. You can take them at any time of the day, together with cereals for breakfast for example, or as a dessert after lunch. For those who follow a diet it is convenient to take them between meals; their low glycemic index satisfies and reactivates the metabolism thus limiting the appetite. How are they taken? Goji berries can be taken dried or rehydrated in water or milk for about 10 minutes (in yogurt for 15 minutes); they are also excellent in tea and are often used as a base for infusions and / or herbal teas. Already after a few days it is possible to experience the beneficial effects, but it is recommended to continue taking it for another two or three weeks.

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