Cat breeds: Snow Shoe

Cat breeds: Snow Shoe

FIFe classification and history

Country of origin: United States.

Snowshoe cats were obtained (around 1960) in the United States by crossing Siamese (Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac) and American shorthaired Bi and Tricolor. Such crossings are still allowed. The name derives from the legs that are very white.

General aspect

Similar to Siamese (but less slender) but with white spots (especially on the legs). Lindole is intermediate between that of the Siamese and that of the American short-haired. The appearance is muscular but not too robust. The puppies are born white and take the classic color only after a couple of weeks.

Snow Shoe cat (photo


They are suitable for those who want a cat similar to the Siamese but less demanding and overbearing. They are affectionate animals and very close to the family members who welcomed them. Very lively and playful until late age. They meow less than the Siamese. Sociable with other cats and also with the dog, if used to children. Suitable for families with children. Like almost all cats, it does not tolerate being disturbed during its naps or during meals.


The short coat does not require special care also because it does not have a particularly intense wetsuit. Just brush it once a week and comb it with a fine tooth comb. The ears must be cleaned only if necessary with a specific product. The nails can be blunted with special scissors.

Snow Shoe cat (photo

Variety of color

It is bred in the Seal, Blu, Chocolate and Lilla varieties, i.e. the classic colors of the Siamese. Two different types of coat are recognized: Mitted and Bicolor.
Mitted (with knobs): white does not cover more than a third of the body. They can have a white, dark or speckled chin and nose and have a white collar or white fur on the chest and in the ventral area. They must not have white spots on the head, unless it is an inverted V-shaped mask. White gloves should not completely cover the paws
Two-tone: white must not cover more than two thirds of the body, including the muzzle on which the characteristic inverted V-mask should be.
The eyes are always blue.


Category: Short Hair.
Build: medium (males can weigh up to 6 kg); the body is a little longer than tall, muscular but not too athletic.
Head: slightly wedge-shaped, with rounded lines, with proportionate chin.
Ears: have rather frontal attachment, wide at the base and with rounded tips.
Eyes: oval, spaced.
Limbs: proportionate and with oval legs.
Tail: of medium length, wide at the hairline, thinner at the tip; with dark fur.
Coat: soft, short and without undercoat.

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