Archaeological Historical Park Rock churches of Materano - Basilicata

Archaeological Historical Park Rock churches of Materano - Basilicata

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Natural Historical Archaeological Park; established with L.R. April 3, 1990, no. 11.
Region: Basilicata
Province: Matera

The Regional Archaeological Historical Park of the Rock Churches of Materano (also known as the Murgia Materana Park) covers an area of ​​approximately 8,000 hectares in the municipalities of Matera and Montescaglioso. The Sassi of Matera have been included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage sites.

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The Regional Archaeological-Historical-Natural Park of the Rock Churches of Materano, more simply called Parco della Murgia Materana, is characterized by a soft rock made up of deep furrows that design cliffs, ravines, caves, ravines where man has settled there since prehistoric times. To the west of Matera, the perimeter of the park runs along a narrow strip along the course of the Gravina di Picciano which, starting from the hill of the same name, reaches the confluence of the Bradano river. The Gravina di Matera, a huge limestone groove (20 km long) is very beautiful. it crosses the territory reaching as far as the labito of Montescaglioso.
An evocative territory that hides naturalistic riches and historical evidence of exceptional value. The eastern and western flanks of Gravina are substantially different: the former has a more complex morphological structure due to the presence of the town of Matera and always on the same side, further south, located on a clayey hill in the town of Montescaglioso. flank, uninhabited, is a limestone block devoid of arboreal vegetation in the part closest to the city of Matera, but covered by the characteristic Mediterranean vegetation in which traces of man can be found, including cave churches, prehistoric villages from the Neolithic era, ancient quarries and farms. The vertical rocky walls and the rich vegetation that develops within the Park's borders determine the formation of natural environments that allow the presence of very rare volatile species.
In no other city in Italy, besides matera, it is possible to observe many birds of prey: Egyptian vulture, lanner falcon, black-winged kite, kestrel, eagle owl.
Lampio number of the Rock Churches in Matera and in the immediate surrounding area is one of the distinctive and most spectacular features of the rock settlement in the area.About one hundred and fifty places of worship included in a time span that from the early Middle Ages reaches the nineteenth century.

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Ente Parco Archeologico Storico Naturale of the Rock Churches of Materano
Via Sette Dolori, 10 (Rione Sassi)
75100 Matera